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Leroux Brothers, Inc.
1369 Glover Road
Barton, VT 05822

toll-free 1.800.420.4330
local 1.802.525.4330
fax 1.802.525.3116


Proud member
of the Barton Chamber
of Commerce. 

Welcome! We're your Northern New England transmission experts, and we're dedicated to getting your car or truck transmission back up and running, as good as (almost always better than) new.   Our combined team experience is substantial, and we constantly keep ourselves current with ATRA, ATSG, ASE and many other avenues of technical education.

(Though we are members of these industry organizations, we don't always agree with everything these organizations state... rather; we prefer to rely on our own experience, expertise and "practical results" methods of transmission repair.)  

Our busy four bay shop is located in picturesque Barton, Vermont, less than a mile south on Vermont Route 16 off Interstate 91, exit 25.  Our repair bays easily handle passenger cars, pickup trucks, dump trucks, panel and delivery trucks and RVs. 


We invite you to browse through our web pages.  There is a substantial amount of informative information. We wish to educate our visitors about the complexity of automatic transmissions, the details involved in their repair, and our dedication toward not only rebuilding and repairing transmissions of all types, but also our experience in making proprietary modifications that greatly improve the performance and durability of your transmission.

A final note. There are two current options dealing with tranmission failure. The first is to replace it with a used or (so-called) remanufactured transmission. At first glance, this may seem an obviously less expensive solution. However, all remanufactured, as well as used, don't come with the same guarantee you'll get from a Leroux Certified Rebuilt Transmission. We REBUILD transmissions, component by component. In most cases, our rebuilt version exceeds factory performance and durability tolerances by a significant margin, giving you years of use. We offer you choices, but in the long run, a Leroux Certified Rebuilt Transmission is our signature product and your best, long term solution.

Call us at 1-800-420-4330 or email us to learn more, or to schedule an evalution. Thanks!CMC_62TE_ATSG